I never thought I’d be a blogger but. . .

So,  my first go around with this blogging business  – a complete bust. I wrote my best work ever, eloquent and insightful, but somehow never saved! UGH!! I’m already spent, so this is the down and dirty version, I’ll write the unsaved version again later.

I have a big big dream to write a book, become an expert in the field of being a single mom and speaking to many many other moms about how Jesus really does heal the broken hearted. This will be a great topic for me because he’s had to show up and heal every day of my separated/divorced life.

God has blessed me beyond reason since my separation 2 years ago. I’ve learned more ugly truths about myself than I care to document. I’ve also had my eyes opened to the truth of how God sees me, absolutely stunningly beautiful. I’m learning to be perfectly imperfect. I handed my heart over to Jesus just after my ex-husband handed it back to me a torn up bloody mess. I was promised He would never abandon or reject me, a truth I cling to even to this day.

I started a blog for the sole purpose of organizing all my thoughts, journals, book references, research, aha moments and experiences into one place. My prayer is that I can offer some encouragement and together we can get through our ugliest single mom moments. I’m extremely excited to learn a single mom’s most urgent needs.

I’ve had some discouragement with work and career recently that I’m having a hard time shaking. Satan has been pressing in on me “you aren’t good enough and everyone knows it.” God I need you to speak some truth into me. “Answer me when I call to you, O God who declares me innocent. Free me from my troubles. Have mercy on me and hear my prayers.” Psalm 4:1

Published by: Lori Young

Lori Young’s passion for God and her love for speaking and coaching have combined forces in a powerful message for women who hide the most valuable parts of themselves for the approval of others. Lori comes by this truth honestly. For years, she kept her value hidden to avoid disapproval, rejection, criticism, and conflict. Through the difficult experience of divorce, heartbreak, and broken relationships, Lori has emerged with a passion to break down what she’s learned and provide tools to help other women re-emerge to live authentically and intentionally. She is a Certified Enneagram Coach and loves coaching one on one and in group settings. You can learn more about her speaking and coaching services at loriyoungcoaching.com

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4 thoughts on “I never thought I’d be a blogger but. . .”

  1. Lori, you have a future in blogging, my dear friend! That was open, honest and from the heart. I look forward to reading more from you soon. Hang in there my friend. Jacy

  2. Thank you for being so open and candid. I learned a few new things from this little “blip” of your life that I never would have expected. You brought normalcy to some of my own concerns about self worth. Even though I’m not on the single mom path I have been down the divorce path and can relate to the emotions felt there.
    I have always thought you were a beautiful woman inside and out and so glad you are allowing God to use you in this manner 🙂

  3. I cannot think of a better person to share the loving, grace-filled, tender heart that the Lord has for women, especially single moms trying to figure out who they are after divorce and who they are in Christ. I’m cheering you on girl!!

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