Two Words That Change Everything

So much of our time is filled with reaching, striving, working, decisions made harder because we want to do it right and not fail – at anything.

Why, though? Why would failure or falling down be so bad? Because it would mess up who I think I am, how I define myself and more importantly how others see me. I’m not a failure. I make all the right decisions, I stay on track and I’m a winner!

But, I’m also tired. All this pretending  catches up with me, like a bear chasing me in the woods. I succumb to his fearsome claws and I curl up in the fetal position because I just don’t have the strength to fight. I give in to my deepest insecurities, realizing that I am exactly who deep down I think I am. Three words that reside right beside my name in my  dictionary definition of “Lori Young Emery”:  not good enough.

Can you relate?

A friend wrote to me to the other day,   “Everyday I am amazed at what God has given His children in Christ Jesus. 2 Peter 1 says: ‘…by His Precious Promises we can escape the corruption that is in the World through sin and become partakers of the divine nature as true sons of righteousness in Christ Jesus.'”

Two words popped off the page, “divine nature.” Just like that, in bold print.

Wow, we take on the divine nature!

Sharing in God’s divine nature completely changes who I think I am. I am no longer insecure, inadequate, and incomplete. I am Lori, the daughter of the most high, given a divine nature at adoption. I have been freed from the corruption of sin (which includes insecurity, measuring up, comparing appearances and body types). Those rules don’t apply to me anymore.

I have been given the divine nature INSIDE of me. It lives in me and breathes in me. It moves me, marks me and leaves a trail behind me.

If I buy the car or don’t by the car, if I do the triathlon or don’t do the triathlon, if I meet a man and get married or don’t meet a man and get married, theses things don’t matter anymore.

The outcome of these decisions aren’t written in dictionary definition of  “Lori Young Emery”.

I am a woman whose been bought back by grace from the world and I have a higher, higher, HIGHER calling to look forward to. To realize the dream of writing a book would be about glorifying God and fulfilling his gifts he’s given me and an act of provision. Learning all I can about the my job  is fulfilling a calling and glorifying God through the gifts he’s given me. Speaking to the nations about whatever God asked me to would be to fulfill Gods calling on my life. They are all just opportunities to maximize the gifts and talents God has graciously blessed me with.

These accomplishments aren’t written in the dictionary definition of  “Lori Young Emery” either.   In fact, there is no dictionary, no “Lori Young Emery” entry, no picture of this girl and no definitions beside it. This is a made up thing intended to keep a good girl down.

God has perspective of “Lori Young Emery” that trumps any man-made dictionary. She is a daughter of the most high King, adopted into his precious family from before birth. She did not choose God, he chose her. He saw her, watched over her, pursued her and fought a battle for her.  Even after an extended absence and a life filled to the brim with sin, he paid a ransom and bought her back to be with him.

He didn’t just bring me into a relationship with him, he lavished me with gifts. Beautiful, extraordinary gifts like his divine nature, the Holy Spirit, shining righteousness, his POWER in me, the fruit of the spirit, and his precious promises like redemption, restoration, provision and best of all eternal life with Him!

To live a life obsessed with anything other than fulfilling God’s calling and pursuing his Kingdom would be to waste this precious time on earth. If I stay stuck on my junk, on the definitions I keep trying to give myself,  I am essentially giving back every precious gift God has ever given me and telling him I’m choosing the worlds captivity over His freedom. 

What a horrible shame that would be.

Heavenly Father, I pray for more of THIS!!! More magnificence in the pursuit of you. More passionate obsession with your kingdom and the fierce protection and advancement of it. More power through me, more Holy Spirit, more people to minister to, more people to love on. One or two people in my space on a regular basis obsessed with you.

I know that by this one shift in my focus, ALL ELSE will be covered. I don’t need to waste prayers on asking for provision for a car or a phone or the future or a even husband. I don’t need to run from the bear, look myself up in the dictionary or even be afraid to fail.

I am divine nature.




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